Lili K.’s ‘Favorite Things’ May Also Become Yours

Lili K.'s jazz roots have been evident on her earlier works, so it feels natural that she would tackle some of the genre's classics on her latest EP, My Favorite Things. The four-track EP finds the Chicago-based singer vocally dipping and diving across standards by the likes of Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie and George Gershwin. But these are far from your typical jazz arrangements. Lili and frequent collaborator Peter Cottontale inject a modern spin into these oldies but goodies, giving them the face lift you never knew they needed. In the midst of her vocal acrobatics, Lili sounds an awful lot like other SB fave Amel Larrieux at times. Though it would be easy for reboots of such well-known tunes to feel clunky and contrived, Lili and Peter manage to get it right. Best of all is that the songs are available for free download. So hop to it and get it while its hot. And if listening and downloading isn't enough to satiate your Lili K. fix, then be sure to peep out the behind-the-scenes peek of the EP's recording.

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