M-Rock Takes Quadron’s ‘Favorite Star’ To The Dance Floor

Don't know about y'all, but Quadron's Avalanche hasn't left out of my listening rotation since it was released back in June. Bored I am not with it. Still a little alteration never hurt anybody, especially when it comes to DJs who, with their know-how, take tunes we know and love and spice the formula up a bit. That's why I'm welcoming with open arms M-Rock's glimmering dance floor re-take on "Favorite Star." Sometimes I find remixes to be a bit tampering, almost messing up the original essence of the song, but the beat man from Toronto takes the already rhythmic cut (and my personal favorite from Avalanche) and drops it into a gold lamé spin of hyperactive strings and chugging bass-lines, making it prime for stomping and rump-swiveling at Studio 54 circa 1978. All that you need to bring to the party as you stream below is your roller skates and tightest Jordaches (oh, and some change to download the track) in order to keep the boogie fever afire.


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