Tensei & The Ones Are ‘Alright’ With Us

Sometimes we all need confirmation that things will be alright. Not super-duper-califragilistic amazing, not down in the bowels of hell awful, but just alright. Just knowing you can push through despite your current situation is what keeps you sane when money is funny and bill collectors are calling. That's exactly what makes Tensei and The One's new song "Alright" alright with me. Don't be put off by the initial electronic dreariness of the beat. As the song goes on it develops a good finger-poppin' funk, something that'll make you wanna two-step, let your backbone slip and forget about the sorrows that might be weighing you down. ADaD lends his lyricism to the track, and his flow and voice embody the sexiness of the struggle of keeping your head up. All in all, this is a winning collaboration.


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