This TGT Performance Has Us Thinking WTF

It was once thought that the supergroup TGT, composed of Tyrese Gibson, Ginuwine and Tank, would live up to past supergroups like Lucy Pearl and LSG. But I wouldn't be so quick to christen them as the next big thing in R&B, especially after this unintentionally hilarious appearance on the WLNY morning show The Couch to perform the song "I Need." It seems that the gentlemen just stepped off the struggle bus to destroy some notes before stepping right back onto it. Tank, the smoothest and happiest of the bunch, plays a competent piano while Tyrese screeches through a couple verses before assaulting the co-anchor and her unborn child and Ginuwine suffers through some type of extreme disorientation and blinking disorder. Like Johnny-on-the-spot, Black Twitter has responded swiftly, and it's all very comical with the fellas even poking fun at themselves. Hopefully these guys with genuine talent can shake (or sleep) off whatever ails them for their next TV performance.

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