Will You Want To Be Ariana Grande’s ‘Baby’?

Ariana Grande is the new kid on the block who has ears wide open. After her top-ten hit single "The Way" featuring Mac Miller, expectations are definitely high for her follow-up "Baby I." While many vocal comparisons have been made to Mariah Carey, the track sounds like a less husky Toni Braxton, which would make sense given that the song was co-written by Babyface and Ashanti (which would also explain the frequent use of the word "baby"). Overall the track is as summery as Tahitian Treat and is something I expect we'll be hearing ad nauseam on the radio, but I cannot see it being as successful as "The Way." I'm all for fresh, new talent following in the stilettoed footsteps of artists who came before, but I hope that Ariana can find her own style and develop music that keeps her name in my mind instead of music that immediately draws comparisons to others.

After the bounce

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