Algebra Blessett Wants To Get Closer To ‘Noboby But You’

We've heard the song and seen her in the promo clip, and now Algebra Blessett has unveiled the music video for "Nobody But You." The songstress shows another of her talents in these visuals with her aerial acrobatic skills on display, but she's not alone. Playing the unrequited object of her affection is celebrity chef Chef Roblé Ali, who can be seen on Bravo's Chef Roblé & Co. Unfortunately, whether she's flying high in the air or laying on top of his piano as he taps away on the keys, Chef Roblé doesn't pay her any mind whatsoever in this updated telling of the love story of Schroeder and Lucy from the Peanuts comic. The video's cute, but you kinda wish that Algebra and Roblé would make something happen in the end. 

After the bounce

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