Basement Jaxx Shows Some ‘Love’ To Pantsula Dancing

It's a little ridiculous to sit still when Basement Jaxx's "What A Difference Your Love Makes" comes colliding in. I mean, by all means, you can try and be idle, but when you hear the electrifying synths laser beam on through, I can't help but move body parts. You'll be even more hard pressed to not bust moves when you take in the single's visual as you watch the spunk and creativity flow from the limbs of Johannesburg's very own Pantsula dancers. Filmed in Alexandra, one of Johannesburg's oldest townships, the Pantsula dancers are the stars of this show, scooting Sam Brookes' soulful croons to ride shotgun. Colors Magazine has some insightful information about the art and creation of Pantsula dancing (which still is in practice today) if you aren't familiar, but one thing that needs no translation is that this is one video that will put a smile on your face as well as force you to practice some moves of your own.

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