Can Pharrell Make You Want To ‘Get Like’ Nelly & Nicki Minaj?

Pharrell has been working his magic all year, what with lacing several artists with hot songs and being a part of not one but two songs of the summer. And now for his next trick, Pharrell's attempting to resurrect the dead...or at least a dead career. The artist getting the Lazarus treatment this go 'round is St. Lunatic Nelly, whose career hasn't really been poppin' as much as it was in its early 2000s heyday. Lucky for him, Pharrell hooked him up something lovely with the beat for "Get Like Me." Even with his less than great verses, Nelly comes off like a prince thanks to Skateboard P's solid production (and Nicki Minaj once again outshines the headliner of a song she guests on). The stylish black-and-white clip with bold pops of color also helps, although it's very reminiscent of another Pharrell-produced track that resurrected a rap career. So has Pharrell done it again or were his efforts in vain? There's only one way for you to find out and I think you know what it is.

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