Chanté Moore Wants To ‘Touch Your Body’ & Your Spirit

R&B is one of the few genres in which the secular and the spiritual are often featured on the same album (and sometimes side by side). That's pretty understandable seeing as how many of R&B's brightest stars honed their talents in the church. Chanté Moore is one such artist and she's serving up both secular and spiritual on her latest album, Moore Is More. In lieu of an actual video for the project, which we hope is coming soon, the R&B Diva has dropped a lyric video for the sensual "Baby Can I Touch Your Body" and a live performance of the spiritual number "Jesus, I Want You." While the paired release of the two is a bit odd, they each speak to different sides of the talented songstress. "Baby Can I Touch Your Body" is the sensual song that kicks off the album and sets the mood for what's to come. However the lyric video draws attention to some of the song's not-so-great lyrics ("Baby 'cause you know I'm a hottie" anyone?). "Jesus, I Want You," about seeking out God's love rather than a man's, fares better however, as Chanté delivers with the live take, showing that though she's severely underrated, she can give most singers out there a run for their money. Check out "Baby Can I Touch Your Body" below and then watch Chanté have a little talk with "Jesus" after the bounce.

After the bounce