‘Don’t Walk Away’ From Moko’s Jade Cover

Not a day went by in the '90s where I didn't learn of some new girl group that sported matching outfits, sung catchy tunes and were primed to be the big sisters in my head. At times it was quite hard to keep up with them all (especially those with acronyms for names) but never do I forget about Jade. They kind of get lost in the shuffle talk of bigger names, even though their 1992 debut album Jade To The Max went platinum and spawned one of the biggest gems of the golden R&B era with the single "Don't Walk Away." London newcomer Moko, who we introduced you to with her song "Hand On Heart" may not provide the New Jill Swing backdrop of the original, but her take on the R&B classic is bold and alluring. With Moko's searing alto, she tones the song down, transforming it into a slow-burning house-meets-hip-hop exercise, and it is different, but a good kind of different, as Moko gets it right in keeping the original in mind but isn't afraid to take the song in a new direction. If you're curious and don't mind having your nostalgia altered for a bit, then get your fix by way of the free download that Moko has provided on her SoundCloud page.


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