Get Into The ‘Spirit’ With Gregory Porter

I have no excuse for not seeing Gregory Porter live. The man has played numerous dates around my neck of the woods, but for one reason or another I have never made a show. I have promised myself that when he tours for his upcoming Blue Note debut, Liquid Spirit, I will be attending one of his shows, no excuses. Today, the promise I made to myself has been reinforced after watching a video of Gregory performing the album's title track live for KPLU FM. The rousing, bluesy number has Gregory's addictive jazz/soul blend written all over it as he sings about the power of the "Liquid Spirit." On a side note, Blue Note really does deserve a shout out for bringing jazz to the fore once again. They have assembled a true "dream team" in Porter, Robert Glasper and José James (we can also now add Derrick Hodge to the list), and long may their stellar output continue.

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