‘Linger Well’ With Szjerdene

Szjerdene has been on the hot trail of tour pursuit as of recent as she's currently sharing the stage with Bonobo for the North Borders project. She actually found time in-between to well, breathe, and make music in the studio with fellow Briton, producer Throwing Snow. The result of their partnership occurs on the chilled-out "Linger Well." Previously rendered as an instrumental, Szjerdene lays down what she calls a "tale of self reflection with an added dose of denial" over a piano-led tranquil electronic beat. Szjerdene has always had a film noir-ish quality to her tunes, and for "Linger Well" it is no different, just that things perk up a bit when a wave of bubbling synths come coasting in adding a new dimension to the track. Lucky for us we can linger on the composition as long as we want, as the track is up for grabs for the very low price of free over at Szjerdene's Bandcamp page. 


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