Morning Soul: My Heart Beats For You

  • After Kendrick Lamar's epic diss of almost everyone in the rap game, why are people acting like playing the dozens is new in hip hop? [GL]
  • The tracklist for Songs for a Healthier America, the album "sponsored"
    by First Lady Michelle Obama promoting healthier lifestyles, felt tired out of the gate includes music from Jordin Sparks,
    Ashanti and Run DMC. [DB]
  • A
    moment of reflection: Hardcore fans celebrated as hip-hop turned 40
    this week -- but questioned whether the original message has gotten
    lost. [NPR]
  • Producer Ebony "Wondagirl" Oshunrinde's beats on Jay Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail have gained steady attention, but at age 16, she declared future work will come "after she's done her homework." [THR]

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