Myron & E ‘Do It Do It Disco’ Style

At their height during the 1970s, disco music and roller skating went hand in hand. And while disco is enjoying a contemporary resurgence thanks to the popularity of Daft Punk's disco-influenced hit "Get Lucky," Myron & E take it alllllll the way back to the old school with their latest video, "Do It Do It Disco." The duo, who we first introduced you to back in May, bring the music genre and recreational activity back together again. While "Get Lucky" sounds like disco's electronic first cousin, Myron and E's version is the real deal, complete with the live band sound that permeated the era. The video completes the authentic feel of the song by taking viewers to what looks like the most awesome roller skating rink still in existence, the Skate Depot in Cerritos, California. Chock full of gold jewelry, dominoes and lots of fancy footwork, it's everything I remember most about Saturday afternoons at the skating rink back in the day. It also shows the perfect convergence of new and old as we see folks eschewing the traditional tan rental skates and lacing up custom Timberlands, Jordans and more that have been converted into roller skates. You'll definitely want to don your best butterfly collar and four wheels before taking this video for a whirl.

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