R. Kelly & Future Want To ‘Tear It Up’

When it comes to sex, R. Kelly has never been one to mince words. It's an approach that's worked pretty well for him, seeing as his music has been a bedroom mainstay for over 20 years, now. "Tear It Up" is the lascivious crooner's latest attempt aimed at making it on your GTD playlist. Singing staccato over a sensuous groove, Kells describes in detail what he wants to do to his lady tonight (hint: it involves "tearing it up"). However, while this definitely appeals to my inner ratchet yatch, I must say that I'm not too happy hearing Kells' voice Auto-Tuned six ways to Sunday here. Perhaps he's under the influence of collaborator Future (although no effects seemed to be applied to his voice here). Still, even with slightly robotic vocals, a sex jam from R. Kelly is still a sex jam from R. Kelly and this one achieves its purpose. If "My Story" had you slightly confused as to what Black Panties would sound like, "Tear It Up" should be just the reassurance you need. See what I mean when you check it out after the bounce.

After the bounce

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