Robin Thicke Shows He’s ‘Got Talent’ With ‘Blurred Lines’

You'd think that after months of hearing Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" that I'd be tired of it, right? Nope, not one bit. Every time this song comes on my shoulders start an involuntary bop, my backbone slips and I break out into a mean two-step. And let's not act like I'm the only one. How else would you explain this song's chart dominance and Thicke's raised profile? "Blurred Lines" the single has proved the perfect set up for Blurred Lines the album, which was released this week and may just be Robin Thicke's best R&B collection to date. The promo train is out of the station and moving at an Acela-like pace with RT hitting the stage of America's Got Talent last night to perform his hit track. Robin's falsetto sounded a little false when the song kicked off, but he worked it out when he started singing in his normal register for the duration of the song. There was no Pharrell or T.I., but Thicke was joined on stage by three backup singers models who resembled the young ladies from the music video. The four AGT judges started out seated, but they were soon up out of their chairs and shaking their respective groove thangs to this irresistible jam. See, I told you I wasn't alone.

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