We’re Enjoying The ‘Road’ To Raheem DeVaughn’s ‘Love Land’

It's been a long time coming, but the release date for Raheem DeVaughn's A Place Called Love Land is so close we can taste it. The set officially drops on September 3rd, so mark your calendars, synchronize your watches or, better yet, just gone ahead and pre-order it now on iTunes. As an added incentive and to increase our thirst, Raheem has posted a a seven-song preview of APCLL on the the special edition preview A Road To A Place Called Love Land that is fanning the flames of desire. DeVaughn walks the listener through the preview by setting the stage with a brief introduction about the collection that he calls "a relationship think tank album." From the sounds included here, Dr. DeVaughn is in session and ready to provide the therapy that your heart and soul needs. Included are the singles "Love Connection" and "Ridiculous" as well as the popular track "Maker of Love" with Boney James and the song "Wrong Forever," which we've been grooving to since January. Added for our aural pleasure with additional commentary are snippets of "Meantime," "Pink Crush Velvet" and "Make A Baby." Have a cold shower running because you may just want to jump in it after listening to those previews. Raheem DeVaughn's A Place Called Love Land is sounding like it'll be the soundtrack for many a cold and cozy night ahead.

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