You ‘Don’t’ Wanna Miss Out On Chris Clarke

While mainstream hip hop might leave a lot to be desired at the moment for some, you can always find something new and interesting in the genre when you check out the underground. Take, for instance, West Coast spitter Chris Clarke. Chris (in the center of the above photo) recently released his album The Handpicked, which found him collaborating with a curated list of more than a few heavy hitters. This number includes the one and only Thundercat and his brother, drummer extraordinaire Ronald Bruner, Jr., who sat in with the rapper for the track "Don't Mimic." Over Thundercat's sticky bass groove and slightly jazzy production, Clarke and partner-in-rhyme JThorn spit hard-hitting rhymes. To flesh out the rest of the track, they invited Taylor Graves to assist Thundercat with the vocal harmonies and Kamasi Washington to add a soulful sax solo that sends the track over the moon. While The Handpicked was initially available for free download, it's currently being offered via Bandcamp for $7 (which is still a helluva deal, if you ask me). However, this track and a few others from The Handpicked are available on Chris' SoundCloud page for free. In other words, you should get while the getting is good -- and trust, it's definitely good. [H/T: MVMT]


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