Amel Larrieux Teases Once More With The ‘Cream’ Of Her Crop

Why does Amel Larrieux taunt and tease us so? With her Ice Cream Everyday not coming until next month, she's feeding us bits and pieces when what we really want is the whole damn thing. But they say patience is a virtue, so I guess we must remain virtuous and (repeatedly) listen to the latest 49-second snippet she's released. The little bit that we do get to hear of "Berries and Cream" is a funky and sweet little slice that grooves along quiet nicely. Filled with Amel's light and airy voice, this seems like it will be one confection that we won't be able to get enough of once the the album arrives. While Amel's constant teasing is maddening, if the rest of Ice Cream Everyday will be as sweet as this, it'll all be worth it.


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