Arsenio Hall Returns To Late Night TV With Big Premiere Week

On Monday, September 9th the face of late-night TV will change once again when Arsenio Hall returns to the after-hours airwaves. Almost 20 years after bowing out gracefully from the late-night talk show game in 1994, Arsenio: The Arsenio Hall Show gets a reboot with the 57-year-old comedian/actor ready to get back in the hosting saddle. This time around Arsenio is syndicated and isn't tied to any particular network, so be sure to check your local and cable listings to see when it'll be showing so that you don't miss out. And you definitely won't want to miss Arsenio's big premiere week, which will feature a who's who from Hollywood to Hollyhood. Guests scheduled chat it up include Chris Tucker, Ice Cube, Magic Johnson and Angela Bassett and amongst artists scheduled to perform are Mac Miller, Nas and Earth, Wind, & Fire. Word on the street is that "surprise guests" will also be paying him a visit, but lips are zipped about exactly who will be skipping through. However, if I were a betting woman I'd put five on Eddie Murphy showing his face in his BFF's new place. We shall surely see, and hopefully SoulBouncers will also see more R&B and soul artists booked to perform on the show in the coming weeks and months. Tune in to find out! 

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