Daley Teaming Up With Pharrell Is A Good ‘Look’

I don't know what lit a fire under Pharrell this year, but I must say that I'm loving the results. The latest artist to be blessed by the producer's magic touch is British crooner Daley. Instead of the uptempo wheelhouse that Skateboard P has been in all year, though, he laces Daley with a mellow slow jam that melds perfectly with Daley's musical sensibilities. The light production touches -- the bed of strings, guitar sample and subtle xylophone -- are really what make the song shine, showing a restraint that isn't often found in Pharrell's work. But the producer doesn't deserve all the credit here, as Daley's exquisite voice is on full display. He ranges from the hushed tones of the chorus to falsetto highs as he tells his love that he'll hang the stars in the sky just for her. To put it quite frankly, the song is a (slow) jam and a half. "Look Up" is available on iTunes right now.


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