Do An Old School ‘Dance With’ Bad Rabbits

Bad Rabbits had us at "New Jack Swing" when we first heard their song "Dance With You" co-produced by New Jack's King himself Teddy Riley. Not since the late '80s/early '90s has a song captured the feel and appeal of the music of that era, but "Dance With You" is dead on the money. The accompanying music video could have gone in so many throwback directions, but director Drew Gilbert decided to keep it current but with a tip of the hat to the good old days. There are bikini-clad women and red cups aplenty (not to mention a Mr. T look-alike) while Bad Rabbits entertain the swelling crowd on a dock. Mr. Riley isn't present to partake in the festivities, but co-producer Clinton Sparks is on hand and leads an old school dance breakdown halfway through the video that will have you up out of your seat and blowing the dust off of all of your old dance moves. Or maybe that's just me? Whatever the case, watch this clip and dip back to a time when music was footloose and all fun.

After the bounce

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