‘Fly’ Away With Tony Momrelle

Much like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, I'm well past the age of believing in a knight in shining armor who will swoop in and take me away from the conundrums of everyday life. However, after just one spin of Tony Momrelle's latest song, I could easily be convinced to believe again. "Fly," the first single taken from his upcoming EP of the same name that's due out  in November (the single drops September 20th), finds the SB fave promising to take a lucky lady away from the troubles of the world. As usual, Momrelle's voice is the main attraction here as he implores her to just "put her hand in his" and fly away. Hope and happiness seem just within reach on this joint, made all the more better by some super duper production by Ben Jones. I found myself at my desk, closing my eyes and imagining that getting away from it all could be so simple. And while reality is always there to keep me grounded, this song is proof positive that believing in a little fantasy can be music to my ears.

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