Jennifer Hudson Gets ‘Scandalous’ For Funny Or Die

If you're like most of SBHQ, then you're pretty geeked for Scandal's return this Thursday night. Riding on the tails of that excitement, songstress Jennifer Hudson has filmed a Funny or Die skit that should appeal to Scandalistas as it entertains and informs. Jennifer steps into Kerry Washington's shoes as a "covert scandal manager" in search of a scandal to manage. However, it turns out that everyone approaching her has problems that can be easily solved by one thing: signing up for the Affordable Care Act. Yes, the entire thing is actually a PSA for Obamacare (which you can sign up for tomorrow -- you know, if the government doesn't shut down). Admittedly, it's a little hilarious for the wrong reasons (Jen's wooden delivery when she acts cracks me up every time), but it's at least amusing. Oh, and if you happen to be a DMV area Scandal fan, join your fellow Scandalistas for the Scandal Watch DC watch party series at Jin Lounge. This week's premiere event already has a waitlist (which you definitely want to sign up for), so you already know the events for the rest of the season are gonna be a hot ticket. In the meantime, check out JHud channeling Olivia Pope...err, Lydia Cole when you hit the bounce and stay tuned for another scandalous surprise from your favorite website on Thursday.

After the bounce

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