Let Elli Ingram Cover You With ‘Canna Butter Kisses’


And Elli Ingram does it again. With her Sober EP out and about, Ingram is on a roll, and she's not pushing the pause button yet as she's got a brand new freebie to share with us. Now I shouldn't like T-Pain or Chance The Rapper -- um, scratch that -- I know I don't care for T-Pain or Chance The Rapper, but Ingram taking them to task and making them palpable for dissenters like me is worth all the trophies and blue ribbons. In the same vein as her Kendrick Lamar rework of "Poetic Justice," Ingram along with her producer in music crime Felix Joseph mesh together T-Pain's "I'm Hi" and Chance's "Cocoa Butter Kisses" to create a quasi-slow jam that has all the grit of the originals but soulfully softens them to lighten the load. While we here at SBHQ don't necessarily encourage recreational drug use, we do give exceptions to the Elli Ingram rule as "Canna Butter Kisses" is high on our list to puff, puff and pass around.

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