Lianne La Havas Gets ‘Found’ By Salah Ananse & It’s A ‘Blessing’

Just last night I had the urge to listen to Lianne La Havas and pulled out her stellar album Is Your Love Big Enough? to take for a twirl. But by song number three I was waist deep in my feelings. What can I say, "Lost & Found" does that to me every single time. The song is a sad one for sure, but this remix by Salah Ananse takes the edge off and breathes a new energy into it. The lovelorn and melancholy lyrics remain, but on the "Salah Ananse Rhythm & Soul Blessing" the soulful house remix master will lead you to shake off the blues and shake a leg on your nearest dance floor. With this new soundtrack, the musical lamentation is transformed into something more hopeful and less hopeless.     


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