Mayer Hawthorne Sings His ‘Song’ For Arsenio Hall

Although I happen to think that the reboot of Arsenio Hall's late-night talk show is drier than a rice cake, he is pulling in some talent who I want to see at a steady clip and I still find myself tuning in. Last night was no different with singer Mayer Hawthorne as the musical guest on hand to perform his hit single "Her Favorite Song" (which Arsenio introduced as "His Favorite Song" I'm starting to wonder if Mayer and Jessie Ware are forbidden from performing this song live together because she was once again absent, with her vocals this time piped in instead of even being performed by background singers in cute dresses. Speaking of fashion, Mayer's fringed jacket was no match to the yacht-ready chic he rocked along with his band when he performed this same song on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon back in July. This was an OK performance overall -- not his best, but far from the worst. If Arsenio comes on past your bedtime (or happens to put you to sleep), then watch all the action that you may have missed as well as an online bonus performance of "Crime" right here.
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