Miguel’s Lack Of ‘Sleep’ Is Our Gain

Though he's reached some musical highs this past year, recent weeks have found diminutive R&B crooner Miguel making headlines for all the wrong reasons. So it's understandable if the young upstart might have a problem sleeping. However on his latest single "Can't Sleep Together," the pint-sized crooner doesn't seem to have a problem with occupying his late night hours. Mixing a teeny bit of rock and punk in with his loverman style of R&B, Miguel crafted a buzzy, synth-filled tune for all the insomniacs with dirty minds. The tiny tenor sings of watching a few Fresh Prince reruns and sparking up a little somethin' somethin' before getting the urge for a little company to keep him up all night -- if you know what I mean. The track is naturally a part of the Adult Swim Singles Program, which the late night cable block has used to drop songs by artists like Killer Mike, Captain Murphy (aka Flying Lotus) and Autre Ne Veut. Check out "Can't Sleep Together" below and head to the Adult Swim Singles site to listen to and download all the singles in this year's collection. [H/T: RS]


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