Morning Soul: Nothing Can Be Better Than A Sweet Love Song

  • Beauty Is In The Eye: Lenny Kravitz furnished the set for Queen Latifah's upcoming talk show as he continues to build his upscale interior design brand. [HR]
  • 2 Chainz joined a long list of celebrities who have published cookbooks, but you've never heard instructions like "If you wear a four-finger ring, carefully lace it on a side table before starting to cook." [TIME]
  • Mister Cee announced he will return to his job at Hot 97 and admitted while he has "engaged in oral sex with transsexual men... (he) does not consider (himself) gay." [LBS]
  • Pharrell praised Marvin Gaye as "the patriarch" as he continued to defend "Blurred Lines" against charges of copyright infringement, saying "read the sheet music. It's completely different." [HP]

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