Ntjam Rosie Shows Where A Little ‘Faith’ Can Get You

It's rare that you get to see an artist grow through the entirety of their musical journey, but when you get the chance, it's always fascinating. Cameroonian singer Ntjam Rosie offers us one such chance with her latest video for single "Keep the Faith." Instead of going the traditional video route, Ntjam decides to let us into her world through a compilation of personal videos chronicling her modest beginnings to her now international stardom. We see her in her native Cameroon, taking the stage at the beginning of her career, at photoshoots and eventually commanding the stage in all her regal glory. Throughout it all, her beautiful voice and motivational song provide the soundtrack to her life. "Keep the Faith" is lifted from Ntjam's album At The Back of Beyond, which is available now (and was just released in the UK this past Monday). Take a musical journey with the singer by checking out the clip after the bounce.