Queen Latifah Brings The Funny With ‘Undercover Boss’ Spoof

All hail the Queen! Debuting with solid ratings, The Queen Latifah Show is more than a talk show -- it's pure comedy. Queen Latifah has taken a break from her acting career but not on her new show. In a segment that aired on Thursday of her big premiere week, Queen provided plenty of laughter with a spoof of the reality show Undercover Boss. Just like the original show, Latifah goes through a makeover and works in different roles in on her own show, from answering phones and fetching coffee to participating in writing sessions and playing makeup artist. Despite looking like herself throughout the segment, which is utterly comical, we see her play Michelle the new production assistant, the blonde-haired and mustached coffee guy, Penelope the new writing assistant and Lisa the makeup artist from New York, who for some reason rocks an eye patch. It's all a hilarious, glorious mess! Involving the show staff and a lot of playful banter, this spoof and her show are definitely a hit.

After the bounce

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