Rob Milton Sets Out To ‘Change’ The Game

We take great pride in our knack for scoping out good musical treats 'round these parts. However, with folks like Rob Milton as part of our team, we often only have to look right in the SBHQ backyard. After teasing us with his last song "Brooklyn Calling," music fans get to feast our ears upon the other fruits of his labor from his recording sessions at Converse's Rubber Track Studio. The result is his wonderfully delectable EP Subject to Change. The four-track release features production by brandon* and Bernard Eure III that perfectly highlights Rob's silky smooth vocals. Meanwhile, his partners in lyrical crime Jacoby Williams and Devin Tracy pen songs that capture the headiness that comes along with falling in love. He also enlists the talents of fellow Bounce-Worthy artist Jacque Hammond to help round out this solid release. While all tracks go hard, my personal fave is "Cool," a light, bouncy number that feels as sunny and warm as a spring day. My only complaint about this EP is that is way too damned short. Hit the bounce to check out Rob's Subject to Change before heading over to Amazon, iTunes or Google Play to add these songs to your stash.

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