There ‘Ain’t No’ Reason To Not Love Miles Bonny

Miles Bonny continues on his quest for musical goodness with his latest offering, a modernized take on the Bill Withers classic, "Ain't No Sunshine." Bonny's soulfully mellow voice finds itself at home in DRPLUS2's off-kilter and funky beat. The producer's refashioning of the song is a little bit grungy mixed with a whole lotta soul. And the multi-talented Bonny doesn't only contribute vocals to the redux; he also supplies the horns. The singer was commissioned to record the song by art supporter Stephanie Greene, who told him that she imagined how the song "would sound with his horn and a hip-hop flavor." I'm sure a lot of music fans would like to thank Greene for her part in making this magic happen. Take it for a spin then head over to Bonny's Bandcamp page to add this to your own collection.


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