According To Bradd Marquis, ‘Love Will Find A Way’

It's been four years since we've been following Bradd Marquis' music career when we named him as Bounce-Worthy back in 2009. In that time, he's remained on his grind and released two albums, his sophomore set Authentic and most recently his third, and possibly best, album Thank You this September. Thank You features Bradd tackling soul and R&B cuts with the greatest of ease and that voice of his wrapping itself around you like a warm embrace for the collection's 12 songs. The catchy single "Love Will Find A Way" is what really sold me on the project, and the music video has me all in once again. Bradd teams up with director Azzie Scott to bring his music to life and this vivid visual does just that. A chance encounter with a beautiful woman while trying to catch a taxicab leaves Bradd not only walking to work but kicking himself for letting her go without speaking. Throughout the video they keep almost bumping into one another but end up missing the opportunity to make a love connection each time. Will love indeed find a way? Well, enjoy SoulBounce's exclusive world premiere of the video for "Love Will Find A Way" right now to see if these two will have a happy ending. And if you haven't picked up Thank You yet, then let this be the incentive you need to add it to your collection.

After the bounce

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