Check Into Shy Girls’ ‘TIMESHARE’

If you are all jazzed out after yesterday, then maybe a dose of smooth R&B jams are in order? If so, then may we recommend you check out Shy Girls' TIMESHARE EP, a six-track exploration of life, love and intense relationships that places Dan Vidmar near the top of the pile when it comes to the current crop of male alt-R&B stars. More straightforward than contemporaries such as How To Dress Well and Autre Ne Veut, Shy Girls manages to blend his left-field production style with classic R&B vocals, giving rise to tracks that sound fresh yet familiar. We have already featured "Under Attack," "Still Not Falling" and "Second Heartbeat" and, while "Under Attack" is still the project's clear winner, EP-opener "Without" comes in a close second with its cool, early-'90s vibe and tale of regret. You can stream the entire EP after the bounce and then pick up a copy from your favorite digital retailer.

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