Georgia Anne Muldrow Has ‘Smashed’ The Game Again

Surprise! Georgia Anne Muldrow is smashing the game yet again. This year alone she has gone from conquering an album with her husband and frequent collaborator Dudley "Declaime" Perkins as the super-duo G&D, to dropping a jazz instrumental project under the alias Jyoti. Well apparently she's not done with us yet.This week she let loose a pop-up EP entitled Smashed Bananas, which brings about the resurrection of Pattie Blingh & The Akebulan 5. Muldrow originally introduced us all to Patti Blingh back in 2007 with her Ramp Records release Sagala. Fortunately, she's back to bring everything grunge and thrash out of the Queen of SomeOthaShip. This time around Muldrow's release will offer support to Peggy Callahan's international abolitionist project called Free The Slaves/Voices 4 Freedom and LoveTrust, delivering $2 out of every album sale to the worthy cause. Drop that $7 into the plate to grab your copy of Smashed Bananas off of Bandcamp now and visit the Voices 4 Freedom website for more information on the message behind the music.


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