It’s Finally ‘Primetime’ For Janelle Monáe & Miguel

After making us wait all day, Janelle Monáe finally delivers the clip for "Primetime," her hot-to-trot duet with Miguel. The clip finds Janelle reprising her role as Cindi Mayweather and Miguel stepping in as Joey Vice as the two meet at Metropolis' Electric Sheep Nightclub. As the android skrippas take the stage with their systems set to "twerk," Joey and Cindi make a love connection across the room. The two steal glances at each other as they each sing verses of sweet love before Janelle quits when another patron gets too touchy feely and the pair head out to enjoy the night together and quite possibly some alone time. While the video is a slick piece of work, I'd be lying if I said I completely loved it. For one, while it does a fine job of showcasing the two, it does very little to further show us the Metropolis that Janelle's been building since she first stepped onto the scene. Second, while the two get cutesy in the video, there's very little romantic chemistry exhibited here between the two (especially for such a sexy song). That being said, it's still another nice, creative visual from Janelle. Sneak into the Electric Sheep Nightclub to see what Janelle and Miguel are working with just after the bounce.

After the bounce

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