James Blake Rides With Chance The Rapper In ‘Life Round Here’

It's always a good feeling when your favorite record from an album gets picked out for the single treatment. When James Blake's sophomore album Overgrown dropped earlier this year, I was a fiend for "Life Round Here." Now here we are a few months down the road, and Blake has teamed up with Nabil and the good people of Noisey to share a haunting visual for the heavy-hitting remix. With Chance The Rapper riding shotgun, Blake takes us on a trip through the England countryside in the smoothest old school ride he could find. The long drive takes a bit of a bizarre turn when the duo ride by a host of odd couples, girls, gangs and a horse. At any rate, take a look at the visual after the bounce and see the work that Blake put in with his talented comrades during the shoot in a special behind the scenes clip.
After the bounce

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