‘Ride’ & Sing Along With Robert Glasper Experiment & Norah Jones

The Robert Glasper Experiment's "Let It Ride" was just the smooth groove we needed to hear from the group's upcoming Black Radio 2. The ambient, slightly drum-and-bass groove blessed by the soothing voice of jazz singer Norah Jones is just the right mix of chilled out jazz and alt-R&B that we'd expect from the project. If you were unsure about what Norah and the RGE crew were talking about, though, don't worry any longer. The song's official lyric video has been released. Now you get deeper into the effortless cool that the track exudes as the lyrics speak to you about taking that oh so necessary gamble on love. And, just for S's and G's, they even give you a creative transcript of Wayne Brady's hilarious voicemail in which he does a bit of scatting before busting out "that real gangsta s**t" that the comedian/recording artist is well known for with his own take on a hot 16. Expect to hear "Let It Ride" and the rest of Black Radio 2 very soon when it drops on October 29th and hop after the bounce to peep the track in all its lyrical glory.

After the bounce

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