Will You ‘Like’ What You See From Olivia & Tank

One-named R&B wonders Olivia and Tank dropped their single "Love Like This" last month, and they've wasted no time in delivering the video for the track. The visuals for the Cisco Rosado-produced song focus mostly on Olivia as she contemplates this love that's affected her like no other. We see her walking along the coast of a beach during a gorgeous sunset, sitting alone in her room and playing pool with a few homies as they pour up some Ciroc. What we don't see, however, are shots of her and Tank together. Instead, Tank only appears alone in scenes he shot in studio. While not exactly a detriment, with a duet like this you hope to see some type of fire and chemistry between the two performers. If that had been shown, I think this would've been a much more effective clip. As is, though, it ventures into typical video territory. Like the song, it's not a bad outing -- but it's not a memorable one either.

After the bounce

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