Coultrain’s ‘Asherah Le Chameleon’ Is A Trip

The collaborations between Coultrain and director Kenny Fresh of blog-come-record label FRSH SLCTS continue with their third and final video from Coultrain's latest album Jungle Mumbo Jumbo. In the video for "Asherah Le Chameleon," the other-worldly vibes of this chilled out track are accompanied by dream-like visuals. We see Coultrain visit a tarot reader while lamenting over the state of the world, both of which assist you in transcending your current state of being and taking off into a blissful trance in under three minutes. Perhaps that was the goal all along for Coultrain? Whether that was the intention or not, the video for "Asherah Le Chameleon" is pure escapism that just might wake you up to the truth of the world we live in, set to a dope soulful soundtrack.

After the bounce

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