Jade De LaFleur Finds The ‘Blue’ In ‘Green’

R&B chanteuse Jade De LaFleur impressed with her song and video for "Jaded." The icy track was so good, in fact, that it landed her a spot on Saint Records' upcoming compilation album Saint Heron. Jade isn't resting on her laurels, though, as she's released the new track "Blue Notes And Green Trees." The track channels some of the great jazz ballads of yesteryear as it features very spare instrumentation -- mostly just Jade's singing, a piano, bass and muted trumpet -- showcasing Jade's strong vocal. With the slow, jazzy instrumentation, it's not hard to picture Jade breathing life into this song in some smoke-filled 1940's jazz club as she sits atop a baby grand piano belting out her troubles. As Jade laments about never experiencing real love, she takes the listener deep into her despair and illustrates the extent of the loneliness that the lyrics describe. While I wouldn't necessarily recommend listening to it if you've just broken up with someone, "Blue Notes and Green Trees" is a definitely a song that speaks to the heartbreak and heartache that we've all felt at one point or another.


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