Let Jimi Hendrix Introduce You To His ‘Foxey Lady’ At The 1968 Miami Pop Festival

At first I didn't think I needed yet another Jimi Hendrix documentary in my life, but after learning more about PBS' American Masters documentary treatment towards Hendrix, I'm quite stoked to see yet another spectrum of the enigmatic rock music legend's life come to my television screen. To poke at my curiosity and anticipation further, an exclusive look at one of the highlight performances of the Jimi Hendrix Experience's appearance at the 1968 Miami Pop Festival is up for viewing, and if you've heard the classic "Foxey Lady" numerous times like I have, be prepared to have the left-handed guitarist take you down an electrifying road of nostalgia. With his Experience bandmates bassist Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchell, Hendrix effortlessly just plows head on into this and with splashes of black-and-white photography interspersed with the vivid and clear footage (HD is a wonder I tell you), it truly is fascinating to look at the power and passion that Hendrix possess while on stage as well as entertaining to those who weren't lucky enough to bear witness to it in living color. To take a ride on the nostalgia wave to 1968, rock on after the bounce, and be sure to check your local listings for times to see American Masters: Jimi Hendrix -- Hear My Train A-Comin' when it premieres on PBS tonight.

After the bounce

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