Meet Mélat & ‘Daphne’

Austin, Texas born and bred singer Mélat has already released her Canon Aphraea EP this year and now comes with a new track entitled "Daphne" from her next project. Vocally it's a smooth ride and Pha The Phenom's production and instrumentation are immediately engaging, interesting and it cuts an eerie feeling atmosphere. Yet, for me, there's something missing. Despite the production, the song just doesn't go anywhere musically. It's all a bit one dimensional; there's no climax to the song nor any changes in the tempo or tone. It's clear there's a The Weeknd-inspired vibe, but that's not enough to compensate for those deficiencies. "Daphne" comes from Mélat's forthcoming album Canon Ourania: The Illumination, which will be released for free on her website at the end of the month. She's piqued my interest, I just wonder if she can hold onto it.


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