Shvona Lavette Is ‘Holding On’

Deciding when to walk away from a waning relationship is always hard. And while only time (and maybe a tear or two) will really heal the wounds, listening to the right song can usually go a long way in providing a bit of comfort. Singer Shvona Lavette offers up a good accompaniment for those times with her latest single "Holding On," which tackles the emotions that linger long after the love is gone. Produced by Justin Hori, the stripped-down arrangement provides the perfect backdrop for Lavette's crystal clear vocals to coast on. Somber and sweet, "Holding On" tackles the hesitation and doubt that can take root once a relationship has run its course. While the song won't be replacing any of my personal favorite break-up tunes, it'll definitely make a good addition to the playlist. It's also a bit of a departure from the more experimental sound of some of her past singles she's released. "Holding On" is the first single taken from her upcoming debut album It Was Fun While You Lasted, due out in January. To learn more about this singer-actress-blogger and check out past videos, hop on over to her website.


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