K. Michelle & Sevyn Streeter Get ‘Rebellious’ In The DMV

The Rebellious Soul Tour with K. Michelle and special guest Sevyn Streeter made a stop at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland right before Thanksgiving. Presented by BET's Music Matters, the network's influential campaign highlighting the next generation of superstars, the Atlantic Records label mates sang their hits and gave fans a show filled with choreography, amazing vocals and interesting relationship advice. If you just broke up with a significant other who did you wrong, this show was for you. The common thread between the two performances, besides great vocals, were no good, cheating men and getting out of bad relationships.

Also on the tour was Tiara Thomas, who opened the show. Best known from her collaboration with Wale, Tiara sang the solo version of "Bad" with the help of her guitar and the Fillmore audience. She also sang "The Cloud" and "Nikki" from her Dear Sallie Mae EP, which led to introducing Sevyn Streeter. The singer, who has been getting a lot of love lately, opened her set with August Alsina's "I Luv This S**t," while her and her two male dancers appeared on stage with a burst of energy. She calmed things down with a tribute to Aaliyah, by performing a sultry but tasteful rendition of "Come Over." Speaking of Aaliyah, Sevyn invoked the artist throughout her show, from her wardrobe to her overall performance style.

Later on, two female concertgoers were brought on stage as Sevyn's male dancers gave them lap dances while she sang Chris Brown's "No Bulls**t." She then did her hit single "I Like It." With explosive bass and dance moves throughout the show, I was out of breath just watching her move across the stage. Having been through some turmoil in her past relationships, Sevyn asked the audience "You ever have someone who made you crazy?" leading into her song "B.A.N.S," which in case you were curious, stands for "B***h A** N***a S**t." The audience ate it up and went crazy when she asked them if she could take a photo of them for her Instagram page. She ended her show with Keyshia Cole's "I Should Have Cheated" and got the audience pumped for K. Michelle.

After a 30-minute turnover, the packed Fillmore was ready for the reality star. Every smart phone was held high, lighting up the house as the now blonde singer entered the stage to the first song off of her Rebellious Soul album, "My Life." With a live band backing her, K. Michelle introduced them along with her two background singers who surprised the audience with their own pipes. Singing about their lives and tribulations, the background singers wowed the audience and K. Michelle herself. "He always tries to outsing me," K. Michelle said of her male background singer. K. advised the audience to watch the people they hang around, including the people they sleep with. She then sang the chorus to Meek Mill's "Who You're Around" featuring Mary J. Blige. For someone who's been through a lot, the song resonated with her, stating that the "Love & Hip Hop girls always came for me, and I'd always send them back." After asking the audience what they thought the LHHATL ladies said about her the most, to which replies including "crazy" were yelled out, she said the fact that she had no man. In true K. Michelle style, she threw unsuspecting shade when she let us know that they didn't have men either before she went into "When I Get A Man." She did have a man, however, in professional basketball player Lance Stephenson who inspired her next song "Baby Momma" due to his, you guessed it, baby momma drama.

Moving along in the show, K. Michelle reveled at being single but continued to reminisce about her past relationships. "All the ladies who are single and don't know it make some noise. Yes, I was a victim of communal penis," said K. Michelle, which was the perfect segue to her new single "Can't Raise A Man." "There's an epidemic of a grown ass little ass boys," she said as she went into a reggae version of the song. K. Michelle also gave the audience a taste of the '90s, singing SWV's "Rain" and Monica's "Before You Walk Out of My Life."

Remember the shade from earlier? Just in time for Thanksgiving, K. Michelle stated, "I'm so thankful my ass isn't deflated like Karlie Redd's!" which was another perfect segue into songs from her 0 F**ks Given mixtape with crowd movers like "Amen," "Medley" and "Go Off" to which she said, "Y'all are so ratchet, oh my God!" At some point her microphone stopped working and she led the audience in her own rendition of "Kumbaya" while the Fillmore's tech crew worked hard to fix the sound issues. She then sang, "White people cut on the lights!" so the audience wouldn't get upset. Once all the issues were resolved, accompanied by a piano K. Michelle next sang "I Don't Like Me." Confirming that the album was about her ex-boyfriend Stephenson, she also sang "I Just Can't Do This," "The Right One" and "Damn." She ended the show with her hit single "V.S.O.P." and afterwards, the Fillmore staff did cut the lights on and the venue cleared as a long line of fans waited patiently for their chance to meet and greet with K. Michelle.

[Photos: Keith Estep]

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