Mack Wilds Owns ‘It’ On ‘Arsenio’

Mack Wilds is having a pretty good 2013. After releasing his album New York: A Love Story in September, he's getting love all over the internets and, much to our surprise, he received a GRAMMY nod for Best Urban Contemporary Album. Last night he performed on Arsenio, where he sang his hit single "Own It." We've reviewed the song before and weren't wowed by its generic appeal, but Wilds macked his way into our fuzzy place by shimmying through the audience and charming some of the ladies in attendance. Backed by Arsenio's house band, Wilds owned his performance, hitting all his notes and keeping the audience engaged. After the performance Wilds talked to Arsenio Hall about his GRAMMY surprise (see, we're not the only ones), who he's taking to the ceremony and his relationship with Jay Z. Wilds will be performing his first solo concert at S.O.B.'s in New York City on December 23rd, but until then check out his performance on Arsenio.

After the bounce

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