Make Eddie Murphy A ‘Promise’

At the tender age of 52 and with years of comedy and acting under his belt, Eddie Murphy continues to break out of the box we've put him in. Eddie shows his super sensitive side in the new music video for single "Promise (You Wont Break My Heart)." We can really appreciate his earnest transition to music despite the fact we'd love to see a Coming to America sequel versus jamming to his latest hit. But back to the music. The follow-up video to his reggae-inspired track "Red Light" featuring Snoop Lion and the inspirational song "Temporary," the visuals for which all look pretty darn similar, is a simple black-and-white clip with Eddie, a guitar and his band. With a diamond earring in one ear and a solemn look on his face, Eddie sings sweetly "Promise you won't break my heart, cause my heart's been broken, a million times before, don't think I can take no more." So the lyrics aren't that deep and some are questioning his real guitar skills, but the video is basic and leaves out gimmicks, which helps to maintain its sincerity. So do we like crooner Eddie, or do you want him to take us back to the kingdom of Zamunda? Check out the video for "Promise (You Won't Break My Heart)," and look out for his solo album 9, which will be out early next year.

After the bounce

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