‘No One’ Compared To Tori Kelly On ‘The Queen Latifah Show’

Tori Kelly appeared on The Queen Latifah Show on Thursday and performed an acoustic version of "Dear No One," but sharing that fact doesn't do her showcase justice. The almost-top 24 finalist from season nine of American Idol sang the vulnerable, chill-up-your-spine ballad while baring her soul and wearing a guitar. Reminiscent of India.Arie's "Ready for Love," "Dear No One" sings longing lyrics in a letter-written style. Kelly makes promises to her future mate and also divulges the traits she desires in a partner, and treats us -- the intruding listeners -- by reaching into a little bit of rasp in her upper ranges, but maintains vocal control like a true diva. The quick plucks of the guitar string keep the tune focused on the songwriter's intended message. But audio aficionados may find more distraction in trying to figure out how Kelly managed to miss making Idol's top 24 and didn't rise to the top to win the grand prize. Maybe this song should be called "Dear Simon"?

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