Phony Ppl Want You To ‘Meet’ Their ‘Baby’

We haven't heard a lot from Camp Phony Ppl since the release of group member Elbie Thrie's solo set 53,000. this past summer. So, imagine our surprise when a new song from the crew emerges almost out of nowhere. "Baby, Meet My Lover" is the latest from the crew and will appear on DJ Kitty Cash's upcoming Love the Free mixtape. The song is a groove that finds a guy introducing his main squeeze to his side piece and vice versa, all the while suggesting that they all just get along in a meeting of the three (if you know what he means). Definitely an eyebrow-raising proposition, yet the Phonies pull it off as usual on track, which mines a bit of funk and '80s R&B for its sound bed. And while most would scoff at the idea in real life, the Phonies' clever wordplay here makes the offer sound smooth enough that you'd almost consider it. Almost. Hopefully this unexpected emergence means that more new material might be in the works. Until word breaks on whether that could be so, check out "Baby, Meet My Lover" below and check for the Love the Free mixtape, which also features Vic Mensa, Childish Major, Kilo Kish and more, when it drops on December 11th.

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